Beats Solo 2 Wireless Review

A while ago I wanted to buy a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones. For that purpose, I hit the internet and started searching for the Best Bluetooth Headphones. I saw an ad posted by a site called that offered reviews on the Best Bluetooth Headphones. When I went through the reviews; I found them very helpful as they were not only detailed but also to the point and thorough.

I really liked Beats Solo 2 Wireless headphones which I then proceeded to buy via itself. However, after I really used them and connected them to my laptop or even to my phone, I experienced some connectivity issues. I was quite confused as to what to do as I had heard a lot about internet scams and online buying risks and cons. Nevertheless, I emailed the customer support at 10Reports. And, very unexpectedly, to my delight I got a very forthcoming response. They helped me get a new pair of Beats Solo 2 Wireless by exchanging the defected piece. I was relieved!

Everybody makes mistakes, but the people at 10Reports gladly accepted it and offered to rectify it in an instant. I now use my Beats Solo 2 Wireless for work and recreational purposes. It is a great choice for a variety of purposes with a premium build and great audio performance.

  • The model is mostly plastic, but flexible too. Within the limits, these are bendable and foldable. You can fold them and put them in the case that comes along with them.
  • Bluetooth connectivity range extends up to a good 30 feet.
  • For those who like them wired, the option is still available. Just plug it in and it’s all good.
  • On the ear pieces is the Beats logo which in truth is a disguise for built-in controls like volume, pause/resume buttons and skip track option.
  • There is no active noise cancellation but the cans, manage the noise cancellation quite good because of their size.
  • The bass is toned down and moderate, not overdone.
  • Beats Solo 2 Wireless is also equipped with a battery life of 12+ hours.

I am glad to have come across such a helpful and forthcoming computer technology blog. I will certainly turn to 10 Reports in the future for whenever I want to buy a tech product. 10 Reports has full five stars on my behalf.

You can find reviews for other computer technologies on this blog. For further information visit 10Reports right away!

Beats Solo 2 Wireless Review
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  1. Muhammad Rameez Haneef says:

    Thanks for this blog. 10reports is really a great guide. I wanted to buy some products online and 10reports helped a lot. They were bang on with the facts and figures.

  2. Muhammad Haris Muhammad Haris says:

    Thanks Rameez I am glad that it helped. 🙂

  3. AR says:

    Yes Bro. its very great reviews website. I like also

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