How to Get Likes on Facebook and Google plus

Facebook is one of the top social networking website. There are many people use Facebook, Infact, people of all ages use Facebook for different purposes. Most of people use Facebook to talk their friends or find some new friends. Facebook play a huge role to help companies to advertise and marketing their products, therefore, there are lots of companies advertise their products and services.

There are lots of people who wants likes their status, pictures and pages etc. I know some people are begging their friends in private chat to like their profile picture or status. 🙂

So my friends, take a deep breath I am going to show you how to get more likes on Facebook status, profile pictures and pages.

Get More Facebook Likes Using AddMeFast is a free program, there are million of active user who get thousands of likes. Addmefast work on point basis system, in other word we can say it’s like exchange program. In oder to get likes, share and followers you need to have some points.

Addmefast is very easy to use anyone with 0 knowledge can be use their service.

Addmefast not only offer Facebook likes, they also offers Google+, YouTube, Pinterest and many more.
Here is the screenshot, you can see the services they offers:

Social Network Services by AddMeFast

  • Facebook Likes
  • Facebook Subscribe
  • Google Circle
  • Google plus Exchange
  • Youtube Views
  • Youtube Subscribe
  • Youtube Video likes
  • Pinterest Followers
  • SoundCloud Views
  • Website hits

Join AddMeFast

In order to get facebook likes you need to Join Addmesfast, add your post URL you need to like or follow and set point value (CPC) for it. Minimum Point Value (CPC) is 2 and maximum is 10, if you need fast likes and followers you can set Point Value 5-6. I recommend you to assign 5 Points / like and you can get great number of likes in short time.

Join AddMeFast to Increase Your Facebook Likes

Click Add Site/Page button on top left:

Add Site to get more likes on FB

As you can see below screenshot, where I’m adding facebook page for getting free likes.

Add fb page or post to getting more likes

How to Get Points on AddMeFast:

AddMeFast is a like, share and follow exchange program, so you can get free points by liking, sharing or following other posts.

Get Free Points

In order to get some free Points click “FREE POINTS” on left side bar and then like facebook pages, posts, shares or follows etc.

If you have any question feel free to ask.

How to Get Likes on Facebook and Google plus
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