How to Root any Android Phone without Computer PC

Root Android without PC

Do you know what is android rooting?

If not, that’s OK

In this article I will cover what is Android Rotting and How to Root any Android Phone without Computer PC.

What is Android Rooting?

Android is an operating system (OS) made by Google. Nowadays, android is one of the most used OS in the world, because android has an awesome Play Store with huge collections of Apps.

Any Android user can access Google services like Search, YouTube, Maps, Gmail, but you don’t have full access in sensitive areas without rooting your Android device.

If you want to make global changes in your Android phone, you cannot do this without rooting. Basically, rooting is the process in which you can bypass all the limitations and get full access in sensitive areas.

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Pros of Rooting Android

Full Control and get Extra access Over Android: One of the major benefit of rooted android device, you will alter any file in android OS like themes, change boot images, delete stock apps etc.

Able to Back Up and Restore the System: This is great benefit of rooted android device; you can back up all your phone data into SD card.

You can easily back up your files using ROM Manager App

Custom ROMs: This is another awesome feature of rooted phones; you will be able to install custom ROMs. There are lots of Custom ROMs available that will increase processing speed and you can change look and feel of your phone.

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Cons of Rooting Android

The major disadvantage of rooting android phone, you will lose your phone warranty. After rooting your android device you will not be able to claim manufacturer warranty.

How to Root Android Phone without PC

Here is the easiest method to root you android phone without Computer / PC

Root Android phone using Framaroot

Framaroot is an android app which is developed by Alephzain. This app will install Superuser and Su binary on your phone then you will be able to root any android device without PC.

Steps to root any android phone without PC

Step 1: Click here to download Framaroot App and install it in your Smartphone

Step 2: Now open the App and choose install Superuser then select exploit that appear

Install Superuser

Wait for a while

Step 3: If you see the success message like the below image, then reboot your device. (Now you have successfully rooted your android Phone)

Success Message of Android Rooting

Note: If you failed message then try another exploit

How to verify your phone rooted or not

Step 1: Click here to download Root Checker and install it

Step 2: Once installation complete then click Verify Root

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How to Root any Android Phone without Computer PC
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