How to create a bootable USB for Windows – Linux – Mac

We are live in modern world, nobody wants to go from the DVD shop for buy DVD for windows or buy online and wait for delivery. At least, I am not because too lazy 🙂

If you have an USB drive that you don’t use anymore. You can turn it into an operating install disk for Windows, Linux or Mac.

There are many different ways of create a bootable USB. You can use software for that or you can also use command line.

Here is a quick guide that will show how you can make a bootable USB

Create bootable USB using Rufus

Rufus is an open source tool that will help you to create a bootable USB form any bootable ISO.

Note: Create bootable USB using Rufus you need to have an ISO image of the operating system


  • Easy to use to use (If you don’t know command language you can use it. Its free and quick)
  • Ability to create any type of bootable USB (You can bootable USB from any bootable ISO)
  • No need to install just download and use
  • Small in size

How to use Rufus

Step 1: Plug in USB into your computer and Download Rufus once download complete then run it.


Step 2: When it start, you will see the option “File System” chose NTFS as the file system.

Select File System

Step 3: In “Format options“ check “Quick format” and Create extended label and icon files.

Check Format Options

Step 4: Check “Create a bootable disk using” and next to it in dropdown menu select “ISO image” and click drive right to the ISO image and brows your ISO image you want to bootable.

Select Iso Image

Step 5: Click start.

When you click start button the popup appear it takes 5 – 10min, once it’s complete your done.

Note: Make sure you don’t have important data in your flash drive because when you click start Rufus will format USB and you will loss all your data.

Create bootable USB for Windows 7 and Visa using command Prompt

Step 1: Run command prompt as an administrator.

Run as Administrator

Step 2: Type command diskpart.

Type diskpart

Step 3: Type list disk to display connected disks.

Type list disk

Step 4: Type select disk # replace # with the number the USB drive that you want to bootable.

Select dist

Step 5: Type command clean that will clean your USB drive.

Type clean

Step 6: Type create partition primary that will create bootable partition.

create partition primary

Step 6: Type select partition 1 and press enter when partition 1 is selected type active.

Select Partition

Step 7: Format USB drive using command fs=fat32 (It will takes few minutes).

Format partition

Step 8: Type assign command for assign the USB drive.


Step 9: Copy operating system Windows 7 or Vista and past into the USB. (your done!)

How to create a bootable USB for Windows – Linux – Mac
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