How to download Torrent File with Internet Download Manager

Torrent is one of the most used site to download games, videos, movies and software etc. We all know that torrent provide resume capability but only problem is that some time they give very slow speed because of low distributors (Known as seeders).

But do not worry I am going to explain you some tricks that will show that how to download torrent file with IDM.

Download Torrent with IDM using ZBIGZ

ZbigZ is safe and secure gateway between bittorrent network and you. You can easily download torrent file with IDM, just upload on ZbigZ and download no need any additional software or restrictions.


  • Easy to use
  • No need to use any additional software, if your PC locked by ISP
  • Safe and secure, it’s protected with HTTPS protocol
  • Download torrent file faster than ever
  • Remote Download

Follow the steps and you will learn how to download torrent file with IDM

Step 1: Download torrent file of any website

Click on Upload Button

Step 2: Open, once its open you will see the option upload torrent click it and brows your torrent file and then click GO

Click Go

Step 3: In the step 3 will see the option free mode and premium mode. If your file size bigger then 1GB click premium mode otherwise select free mode.

Select One Option Free or Premium

Step 4: Take a deep breath it takes a while to cache you file

Step 5: Once caching complete you will see the button .zip click on it to download the file.

Click on Button to download torrent file with IDM

Note: If you don’t have IDM in PC it will download via browser download manager which is very slow. I recommend you Install IDM first in your PC and then follow the steps.

How to download Torrent File with Internet Download Manager
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