Download Whatsapp for Bada (Samsung OS)

Use Whatsapp for Bada

I have shared how to use Whatsapp on PC and how to use dual Whatsapp accounts in a single phone.

Today I am going to share how to download Whatsapp for bada.

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Whatsapp is one of the leading instant messenger, it has over 700+ million users and it’s available in Android, IOS and Windows. In Jan 2015 Whatsapp released web version for those who want to use Whatsapp for PC.

Why Whatsapp haven’t official released bada version?

Bada is an operating system (OS) for mobile and tablet devices which was developed by Samsung. Bada Is not open source like Android – What that mean?

For example: If you create an Android App you can easily upload in Google Play Store, but bada does not released their source code, therefore there is very less chance to develop an App

Why bada is closed source?

Samsung does not release their source code, the big reason behind that is security. If we say bada is secured than android, it’s not wrong.

Steps to Download and use Whatsapp for Bada

Step 1: You need to download two files, the first is jar file and the second is exe file

Step 2: Now restart your mobile phone

Step 3: Now install both files

You are done!

Now you’re completely familiar how to download Whatsapp for Bada

If have any problem, please feel free to ask

Final Thoughts

As far as the importance of whatsapp for bada is concerned, the significance of this app should be assumed by the users in a right manner. The application or implementation of this app will be increased in the future as whatsapp has already established its goodwill or brand name in the minds of users. Therefore, all bada users are recommended to download whatsapp for the purpose of various opportunities and benefits with minimal cost.

The users are also able to hide their activity from other users and they can also protect their identity if they do not want to disclose that they have read the messages. The users can attain unlimited benefits by the help of this app and at the same time they can enhance their socialization process and eventually contacts of the users could be increased to a certain extent.

Download Whatsapp for Bada (Samsung OS)
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