How to Improve Your Hire Rate on Elance

I have shared with you “how to complete Elance Profile as well as how to pass Elance skills test. Now I am going to share some tips and strategies that will improve your success rate on Elance and if you’re new then definitely you will win your first job.

Must read below tips before submitting proposal

Present yourself as a great freelancer

Don’t hide anything! Present yourself honestly and highlight your relevant examples of work on Elance portfolio. Show your strength and the great work you have done in the past.

Make sure your profile is written formally. Read twice what you have written, check grammar, spelling and create well-constructed paragraph and sentences.

  • Include your own profile photo
  • Include your best work as an example and build up a great portfolio as much as you can

Provide More than Client expects

It’s vital to success in any field to provide more than the client needs. Try your best to exceed client expectation – what does that mean – give your 100% in a project delivery, courteous and clear communication. Follow these rules it will definitely improve your success rate.

Clear Pricing Policy

Next thing need to examine the pricing policy. Your pricing policy should be clear because your clients know what your product and services will cost them.

What is the benefit of Pricing Policy?

If you clear pricing policy before the project begins, you will save your time and headaches later on. And if you exceed client’s expectation within desire budget, they will love to hire you again and definitely they will recommend you to other clients.

Do not overcharge, because customers think you not charge fair value, and they look forward to hire someone who will charge less

Do not undercharge, don’t think to charge less as compare to other freelancers, because if your work quality is good, there are lots of clients appreciate great quality of work and they will pay fair price for it.

Write Great Proposal

Proposal is a key; there is no way to communicate the clients instead of proposal.

You guys may know “First Impression is Last Impression”

Submit copy and paste proposal is not a good idea. First, read job description carefully and write a great proposal and try to give answer in your proposal and ask clients too what they want more.

Take skill test

Qualified clients find freelancers who cleared skills test. Elance survey shows that 75% clients prefer contractor who pass their skills test. If you want to improve you success rate I highly recommend you to take Elance skills test.

I have shared how anyone can pass Elance skills test click the link below:

How to Pass Elance Skills Test

Quick Response

Response client questions ASAP, client appreciate those freelancers who Response quickly, and they will hire you in future if you respect your client and exceed their needs.

Now you’re ready to move on, follow these tips and you will start winning more business

I love to hear your experience, please share your experience in comment section

How to Improve Your Hire Rate on Elance
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