What is Blogging?

Sharing thought and information to the world is called blogging. There are lots of people who earn decent amount of money with blogging. Blogging is not a piece of cake; if you want to make good income you need to work 8hrs a day and 40hrs in a week.

Why Blogging

If you don’t build your Dreams, someone will hire you to help you build Theirs

Blogging is one of the effective way of making money online. Become a blogger is very easy; you don’t need to have any technical skills apart from writing. If you describe your thinking in word, you can become a blogger.

How to Start

The key to being a successful blogger, however, is to have confidence in yourself

Four things you need to examine before start blogging

  1. Patience (Take a deep breath, it’s not an overnight process)
  2. Research (Do as much research as you can)
  3. Writing skills (Improve your writing skills, read books and blogs)
  4. Time Management (As I said before, blogging is not a piece of cake, you need to work 8hrs in a day)

Pick a Blog Topic

Pick a blog topic is very first step of start blogging. I recommend you choose the topic in which you have interest. If you select a topic in which you have interest then you will love to write about it, and it’s easier to write.

Popular topics of blogging

  • Informative blog (Tutorials)
  • Entertainment blog
  • Personal blog
  • Fashion blog
  • Religious blog

Informative Blog: These types of blogs are very popular in these days. Everyone wants to know “how to this” and “how to that” bla bla…

Entertainment Blog: In entertainment blog you can write about the latest movies, tv shows, latest music and celebrities.

Personal Blog: You can share your own ideas, thoughts and the interesting that you are doing in your personal life.

Fashion Blog: If you’re interested in fashion then you can start blogging using the topic “fashion”. Write about clothes, shoes and accessories and you can get decent amount of traffic.

Religious Blog: You can write about religious and make tutorials about how to pray etc.

Note: Your subscriber or reader visits your blog daily to find new information. If you fail to provide it, you lose your reader.

Some Technicalities to Start a Blog

  1. Domain Name
  2. Web Hosting
  3. Blogging Platform

Domain Name

Domain is the name of your website or blog

For example: Facebook.com or Google.com these are domain names

Make sure: You will have to purchase a good and easy to remember domain name.

Because, if someone visit your blog and he/she will love to read when one can come back they will easily type your blog name and visit again

If your domain name is difficult you will lose your visitor

The best domain name provides are NameCheap and GoDaddy.

How Domain Works?

Step 1: You enter domain name in your computer’s browser.

Step 2: It connect with the domain server.

Step 3: It request to hosting server.

Step 4: You see data in your screen.

Purchase Good Hosting

Note: Host your Blog to a Trusted Server

After choosing your domain name, you will need to purchase your blog hosting.

Purchase hosting from well known hosting providers because it’s very sensitive area where you should not compromise a single penny.

If you purchase hosting from bad hosting providers, you will face lots of technical issue, your webpage take long time to load and website will down time to time.

Hosting is a backbone of your blog. Most of the hosting provides will charge you extra, but they will provide quality service. Don’t try to save money in this area, because these few dollars will make a difference to your blog

I highly recommend you to buy hosting from Hostgator or Bluehost, both provides you quality service.

Here are some Discount Codes for Hosting

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Blogging Platform

There are many blogging platform out there, pick the right platform for blogging and do not jump around from platform to platform its bad SEO practice and you might be loss your web presence.

I recommend you to use WordPress as a blogging platform, because there are lots of free themes, plugins as well as you can easily write blog post and add images to your blog.