Possible Ways to Make Money on Elance?

Elance is one of the world’s largest marketplace and the most effective freelancer website. Elance provides you a platform where you can make as much money as you want. There are some other websites like odesk.com and freelancer.com provide you a platform where you can make money online as a freelancer. But Elance is better to other websites, because they provide quality service and seriousness of the buyers.

Beginners face a lots of problem they always ask how to win a Job, because there are lots of freelancers with good skills and 10+ years of experience?

Improve Your Hire Rate on Elance

Most of people failed to make a single penny on Elance, because they are not serious, or they do not complete their profile and start bidding on projects. When they do not get any attention on their proposal, they got frustrated, and leave Elance.

If you want to make some decent money, you need to take Elance serious, and don’t get frustrated, just try try and try. 🙂

Now, I am going to show you some tips and tricks that help you to win your first job. 🙂

Please complete your signup process click here.

Elance signup

Here are some of the jobs they look for:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Articles Writing
  • Web Design
  • Logo Design
  • HTML, CSS coding
  • SMM (Social Media Management)

These are just few of them, if you want to find more please click here

Tips to Create perfect Elance Profile

Once you complete your signup process you need to complete your profile. I highly recommend you not to skip any single section and complete all empty section on your Elance profile

Display Your Own Picture

Display your own profile picture and verify your identity. If you would like to know how to verify your identity please click here.

Basic Information

Steps of basic information have:

  • Overview
  • Service Description
  • Payment Terms


The overview section is first impression that tells your client about your capabilities and what you can do for them. Please, to be honest and describe what you could offer your employer and what your objective is as a freelancer.

Service Description

In service description you can describe what services you offer and what you can do as a freelancer.

Payment Terms

Describe your payment term and conditions.

For example: If you want to charge 50% upfront payment and rest of them after the work complete, you can describe in your payment terms.


“Saying it is one thing, but proving is another”

Portfolio is one of the most important section, put some samples of your work into your profile. That’s provided proof of your clients and allows them to see what type of work you can do and what level of skills you have.

Elance Portfolio Section

If you’re a web designer, you can show your best work into portfolio. Like; web templates, logs, broachers etc.

If you’re a writer, write high quality article and publish into articles directory like ezinearticles.com, once it’s approved then takes screenshot of your article and put it into your Elance portfolio with link.

Skills Test

Now I am going to show you guy’s very scary part of Elance. 🙂

Elance provides platform to the freelancers where they can takes their skills test and make their profile better. I highly recommend you to take skills test, because “Elance statistics show that 75% of Elance client prefer contractor’s who have passed a skills test”.

Elance Skills Test Section

Most of beginners failed to pass Elance because when they consider the question the time runs out.

Here are some AMAZING tips that will show you how you can pass Elance test. HURRYY! 🙂

How anyone can pass Elance test

Once you guys complete your Elance profile, you need to pass Elance skill test to get 75% more chance to hire.

Elance takes your skills test through smarterer.com

Step 1: You need to create a facebook.com account, if you already have used it.

Step 2: Go to smarterer.com and sign in with facebook.com account.

Signin With Facebook

Once you sign in with facebook.com then take test on smarterer.com

Step 3: Click Test button on top left, then search the test you want to take.

For Example: If you want to take HTML5 test, search HTML5 and click “Start with practice question”.

Step 4: Answered 25 to 30 questions on smarterer.com then go to your dashboard and click “HTML5 >> Review Questions”. You can see all the answer you gave shows there please memorized all the answers.

Smarterer Review Questions

Step 5: Go to Elance and take HTML5 test, you can see 80% questions repeated from smarterer.com

If you have any questions feel free to ask in comment section or drop me an email [email protected]

Possible Ways to Make Money on Elance?
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