Smasheezy Offers $1000 Scholarship for Students

Smasheezy offers $1000 scholarship for students. The idea of this scholarship is to provide students with a facility so that they can continue their studies without any hurdle. It offers an opportunity for students to pursue their education. Most of the students graduates from college they are in debt of student loan, hence this bound them from getting further education. Smasheezy scholarship is exciting for students who are interested in availing the offer. Below are the critical points for participation.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Smasheezy scholarship is available for all disciplines. Students should be a resident.
  • The student should be eligible in term of grades for securing admission as per the admission policy of the institution.
  • Students who are already enrolled in any institution can also apply for financial assistance.
  • Smasheezy reserved the rights to check on the student’s financial situation and can cancel the scholarship at any time if the information provided proves wrong.
  • The smasheezy scholarship will decide some seats.
  • If any students drop out in the middle of a program which was awarded smasheezy scholarship, they will be replaced by other applicants on the waiting list.

How to Apply

The interested applicant needs to write on the topic “Scholarship and its importance.” The content should 1000 to 1500 words maximum. When completed the content email us at [email protected] with the scan copies of the following documents.

  • Personal details (First and Last name, phone, and address)
  • School Name
  • Area of Study
  • Further documents containing proof that you are a student


The last date to apply for Smasheezy scholarship is 31st August 2019, and the end of December 2019 will announce the name of students who are awarded scholarships. $1000 will be transferred to your institute directly. Smasheezy offers scholarships to students every year so that they can peruse education.