Use Whatsapp on PC with Bluestacks or without Bluestacks

Update: Whatsapp now officially released web version

Whatsapp is one of the leading instant messenger for mobile and tablets, but it’s still not available on PC. Most of android and IOS user use whatsap on their smartphone but when you on work you cannot use your phone again and again, if whatsapp on your PC you will be able to save time.

Whatsapp Features

  • Send free message instantly all over the world to your friend who is using whatsapp on any device.
  • It’s free for one year then it would be charge $0.99/year. (It’s very cheap right 🙂 )
  • It’s free for annoying advertisement
  • You can share unlimited pictures, videos, voice messages without paying a single penny
  • Easy to use (Simple signup form)

So, here are quick simple methods that will show you how to install whatsapp on your computer.

Use two Whatsapp Accounts in a Single Phone

Use Whatsapp Web Version on PC

Whatsapp now amazed the world to officially released web version. Bluestacks and other android emulator became a headache for us. Now, you can use Whatsapp for PC on Whatsapp official website, no need to download any android emulator.

Requirement to use Whatsapp Web Version

Your phone must support QR code scanning otherwise you will not be able to use Whatsapp web version.

You need to have Google chrome for using Whatsapp web version. If you don’t have Google chrome click here to download

If your Smartphone does not support QR code scanning, don’t worry! You can still use Whatsapp on PC.
Check this method: Whatsapp for PC using Andy

Steps to use Whatsapp on PC

Step 1: Open Google chrome and go to

Step2: Once website open you will see QR code

Step3: Now go to Whatsapp option in your Smartphone

Step4: Then tap on Whatsapp Web. You will see QR code scanning screen will appear

Step5: Now scan the code appear in your browser.

You’re done! You will see your Whatsapp conversation in your browser

Install WhatsApp for Computer using Andy

Andy is an Android Emulator It can be download for free. Currently millions of users using this software, it’s fully trusted and I had use myself before I share with you.

You can also check Andy Faqs click here

Andy Android Emulator is easy to install, just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to and click download button on top right.

Step 2: Once download complete then double click on that. If you have win7 or 8 the pop-up appear asking your permission, click run, when setup will begin, click “Next”.

Whatsapp Installation Process Step 1

Step 3: If you have time read License Agreement (It’s fun), If not just close your eyes and click “I Agree” 🙂

Whatsapp Installation Process Step 2

Step 4: Make sure your internet connection turn on because the installer will download some more files on the internet.

Whatsapp Installation Process Step 3

Take a deep breath, It will takes time depend on your internet speed. Once it’s complete then click “Finish”.

Step 5: Now, run the installed software it will take a while of loading first time.

Step 6: When loading is finished, you will have a screen like tablet. You can use it just like any other android devices. You can login Google Play Store with your existing Google Account to synchronize data between Andy OS and your Android Devices.

Step 7: Go to Play Store search whatsapp and then install it and enjoy whatsapp on your PC.

Every time you need to use whatsapp first start Andy OS and then find whatsapp and use it.

Use Whatsapp for PC with BlueStacks

Step 1: Click here to download BlueStacks and install it

Step 2: You will need to Download Whatsapp APK file Click here

Step 3: Once APK download complete double click to run it

Step 4: Now run your installed Bluestacks

Step 5: Once BlueStacks open you will see My Apps click on it and then click Whatsapp

Step 6: Now Accept Term and Conditions and then type your mobile number with country code

Step 7: In this step Whatsapp will verify your number, If it fails then click Call Me, you will receive call with confirmation code, write that code.

Now Enjoy Whatsapp on PC

Get virtual Phone Number to use Whatsapp for PC

If you don’t want to use the existing Whatsapp phone number which you’re using on smart phone then you will get virtual phone number for free.

When you have done installation of android emulator you need to have virtual phone number to get messages and voice call on Whatsapp.

In order to get virtual phone number you need to have an account on

Get Virtual Phone Number

Step 1: Go to and click signup

Step 2: Enter your email address and 4 digit security code

Step 3: Fill captcha for human verification and click submit

When you click submit you will get virtual number.

Now, you need to do request to verify Whatsapp. Click here and login with phone number and 4 digit security code and you will get your Whatsapp verification

If you have any question feel free to ask in comment section or drop me an Email at hello[@]

Use Whatsapp on PC with Bluestacks or without Bluestacks
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