Why you should know about windows 10 before downloading

When it comes to downloading windows 10, first of all there is need of understanding the attribute that suggests what windows 10 is all about. Windows 10 is the advanced form of an operating system that is suitable and appealing for all devices. In reality, windows 10 has an amazing ability of recognizing when people start working with keyboard, mouse and touch screen as well. Windows 10 will act accordingly and at the same time people will anticipate standard windows experience if they use keyboard or mouse. They can also feel or experience full screen apps along with finger friendly start menu.

If your not interested in windows 10 you can download windows 8 / 8.1 and widows 7 as well

Microsoft Edge

As far as the importance or significance of apps that have been provided by windows is concerned, one of the most influential app is Microsoft Edge that is an amazing web browser. There is an efficient feature installed in this app that is related and associated with annotation in which important things could be highlighted and at the same time notes could be added and cropped to a considerable extent. Microsoft edge has been developed along with minimum border or boundary. In a nutshell it can be said that this smart and amazing web browser does have all the required and desirable features that are needed for the purpose of replacing the Microsoft internet Explorer to a large extent.


The photos have also been updated and at the same time old or previous photo viewer is also available. The photo app is an efficient increase when it comes to exploring straight viewing interface.


This aspect is also an addition to the features of Windows 10, this is a very significant ever note style app because it allows users in developing notes that are the combination of texts, images, maps and much more. This is an influential app because of the fact that the whole personal data or information could be explored or accessed through the help of other devices. It can be accessed by means of an Android and I Phone as well.


In windows 10, maps have been enhanced up to certain level, at the same time Microsoft have added another feature, which is known as Streetside. This feature is quite equal to Google street view that suggests the users can have a feeling of virtual tours and at the same time directions along with place of interests could be found.

Start Menu

As far as the importance or significance of start menu of windows 10 is concerned, there is need of understanding this aspect that there is known pop up columns shortcut available. At the same time live tile are also added in Windows 10 that can be customized to a certain extent as well.

Sequence of different Apps

There is an amazing function that provides the ease and facility of arranging different apps at a time. IN addition there is another feature that could be perceived in the form of quadrant layout. This quadrant layout is helpful and sufficient in breaking the display among four (4) different apps at a time. There is an amazing concept of multiple virtual desktops utilized for the purpose of placing all the works apps at one place. There is another button available in the form of task view that is available on the taskbar. After clicking this button, all files along with windows and desktop can be viewed quite easily.

Convenience and Ease

This is a matter of great pleasure and pride for all the Microsoft users that they can install Windows 10 in their old desktops or personal computers in the desired manner.

Requirements for Installing

The requirements for installing and using windows 10 are quite minimal. This is because of the reason that 1GHz processor along with 1GB of RAM and 16 GB hard disk space all is needed to support and utilize Windows 10 in a great way.

How to download

First you need to download ISO image click here you will redirect to Microsoft widows 10 official page.

In order to download windows 10, Microsoft has tried to cover all the aspects of windows 10. The users will have to install the windows by the help of official ISO image of windows 10 platform. This ISO image will help in creating or producing bootable flash drive or DVD. This sort of DVD or flash drive will work as an installation cause. This aspect must be taken into consideration that there is no need of inserting or using product key at all. At the same time original product key will be needed in order to clean the installation process.

Important things to Remember

The system firstly should fulfill all the requirements of downloading and at the same time USB device or DVD that has storage capacity of 4GB is really desirable.

Last Remarks

With windows 10, people can enjoy different apps and other exciting features that make windows 10 attractive and demanding. It is also being considered as the best operating system that has been developed by Microsoft for its customers in recent times. It is all about computing that will be done with the help of Windows 10 in the future. This amazing operating system could be installed and used on different devices such as laptops, personal computers or tablets as well.

Why you should know about windows 10 before downloading
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